Hydrophil for Anti-Soiling

Anti-Soiling Coating for Utility Scale PV Solar 

We manufacture easy-to-apply, ultra-thin anti-soiling coatings that deliver measurable improvements in anti-soiling for utility scale solar. 

HydroPhil Anti-Soiling Benefits

UV Stable

Anti-Reflective Compatible

Optically Clear

In-field Application

Self-cleaning Hydrophilic Performance

Soiling on Utility Scale is a major issue for energy production in certain regions of the world. Lotus Leaf Coatings’ Anti-Soiling Coating provides a unique solution for the problem of soiling on PV Panels in Utility installations.

Excellent Anti-Soiling Performance

Lotus Leaf Coatings’ HydroPhil-AS is optically clear and provides excellent anti-soiling performance by minimizing dust adhesion and promoting dust removal in cleaning and rain events.