ICON standard spiral


ICON standard spiral

Vision Ease:

Improving Vision Clarify and Maintenance

Despite advances in technology keeping eyeglasses clean continues to be an issue. Lotus Leaf Coatings’ has developed a novel hydrophilic easy to clean coating that provides superior clean-ability as compared to the existing coatings on the market.

We partnered with Vision Ease to solve this clean-ability problem. By identifying the problem and mapping the problem to our technology solution we were able to develop a product that solved the customer’s problem and fit with the customer’s process.

The results were a hydrophilic easy to clean coating that is 42% cleaner* after a 5 cleaning wipes and 73% cleaner* after 10 cleaning wipes as compared to the market leading easy to clean coating. *clean-ability based on haze measurements compared to the market leader.

At Vision Ease Lens, we are continually working to provide our customers with a better experience. Lotus Leaf Coatings’ technology does just that.

Doug Hepper

Executive Chairman, Vision Ease Lens

Lets do something amazing. Together.

ICON standard spiral

Super Radiator Coils:

Condensate Management for HVAC

Water Carry-Over is a problem for heat exchangers in the HVAC industry. This problem becomes worse when using corrosion prevention coatings such as E-Coat for these heat exchangers. Water carry over results when condensate drops form on the coils and the fan’s air velocity carries those drops off of the coil and into the ductwork. This water carry over can cause issue such as mold, mildew and ductwork damage. In order to deal with this problem the customer must limit fan speeds and therefore unit efficiency.

Lotus Leaf Coatings solves this problem by providing a super hydrophilic coating HydroPhil™-S that overcomes the inherent high energy of water. As water vapor condenses on the surface of the coil HydroPhil™-S forces the condensate to sheet across the coil. This sheeting effect enables the condensate to flow down into the drip pan rather than being “carried over” into the ductwork.

HydroPhil-S is proving to be an important option in design of heat exchangers for our customers in the HVAC market. Managing water carryover while maintaining high face velocity is a constant challenge. HydroPhil-S offers a different way to address that problem.

Matt Holland

VP of Operations, Super Radiator Coils