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LOGO hydrophil

HydroPhil™-S is a patent pending nano scale coating with superior super-hydrophilic water sheeting properties, that can be applied to most surfaces and materials. HydroPhil™ is ideal for HVAC and industrial applications.

Copper-CoatingsExcellent Water Attraction

Cured HydroPhil™ develops a unique surface structure which attracts water to the coated surface. The result is water contact angles approaching 0°.

Optical Clarity

The combination of the coatings’ thinness and the surface structures result in excellent optical clarity.

UV Stable

HydroPhil™ is stable to ultraviolet exposure.

Coating Methods

HydroPhil™ may be applied to most substrates by dip, spin, spray, sponge, or roller. The substrate will often determine the best coating method.


HydroPhil™ is a robust coating that will maintain its hydrophilic properties after modest abrasion or chemical exposure.


HydroPhil™ can be applied to a variety of substrates such as glass, optics, metals and many other substrates including substrates that require low temperature processing such as Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

LOGO hydrofoe

HydroFoe™ is a patented nano scale coating that provides superior water repellency and protection for almost any surface.

 Hydropho 29sept2010_Chisso_ contact angle 2

Superior Water Repellency

Upon curing HydroFoe™ develops a surface roughness that is similar to
that of the lotus leaf and provides contact angles between 150° and 170°.

Optical Clarity

The combination of the HydroFoe’s thinness and surface structure results in excellent optical clarity.

UV Stable

HydroFoe™ is stable in under normal/ambient ultraviolet exposure.

Coating Methods

HydroFoe™ can be applied by a variety of methods including dip, spin, spray, or blade. The substrate will often determine the best coating method.